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The game for young and old. A competitive teasing game guaranteed for lots of fun.

I WANT THIS is also a great tool for coaches, trainers, managers and executives as a tool to gain insight into peoples needs and which form of communication fits best to each phase of development.

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What shapes our behavior? What is the need behind the behavior? Why is communication sometimes so difficult? What can I do to make it better?

I WANT THIS is a great tool to find answers to all these questions. I WANT THIS is a fantastic tool to coach effectively  or to use in communication trainings.

By playing this game it is possible to get an overview of all the human phases of life. The pictures  on every phase reveal the most important need per life phase together with the keywords that invite you to read them. The cards provide an overview and understanding and can therefore be used to see through complex processes and problems. It’s a tool to gain more insight into personal behavior, group behavior, the needs behind that and different forms of communication. Understanding these differences is perhaps the most powerful tool to ensure good communication and to work effectively.

I WANT THIS can expand your awarenes in communication in a light way. Miscommuniation and limiting patterns will reveal themselves more quickly. The most productive way of communicating will become clear for each phase.

I WANT THIS is easy to use and can be used in many situations.

In addition to the rules, there is a deepening that provides examples in which I WANT THIS could be used as a very functional tool to get an overview which form of communication fits best, where the gaps are and which bridges need to be built to be communicate effectively.

I WANT THIS creates openings for a conversation in various situations and is a light and playful way to look at various ways of behavior and communication in a different way than you may be used to. Increase personal development with I WANT THIS. Improve your relationships, settle conflicts and increase mutual understanding.

This tool contains a total of 112 cards. There are 66 phase cards, 15 blocking cards, 27 solution cards, 3 jokers and 1 give away card.

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